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Lucien Smith is an American contemporary painter working in many styles from realism to abstraction and conceptual.  Lucien Smith is renown for series of “Rain” paintings which were made by spraying paint through a fire extinguisher. Lucien Smith was born in Los Angeles, California in the year 1989.

Smith earned a B.F.A. from Cooper Union College of Art located in New York City.

The artist works in acrylics the most. He also works with enamels and oils.

Price range information: Works range from $25,000 to $350,000.

Smith approaches painting as conceptual in nature. The artist creates his abstract works using various approaches. The artist will have some of the painting done on purporse and some of it by chance. Smith’s work is often about the process more than the final result.

Smith’s rain paintings are great examples of that. The end result is the captured droplets of paint sprayed by the extinguisher, but how controlled can this spray be? A concept for the viewer to ponder.

The artist served as a studio assistant to one of Pop Art’s contemporary stars, Dan Colen. Colen’s work is an interesting concept of graffiti and painted sculptures.

Lucien Smith is now based out of New York City.

What a great thinker the artist is. Surely not many contemporary artists are painting by fire extinguisher! His work has a great sense of motion and fluidity.