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Wallace Berman was one of the first artists to produce assemblage works. Berman is often referred to as the “Father of Assemblage Art.” The artist was one of the first to take newspaper clippings, magazine photographs, and combine them with paint.

Wallace Berman was born in Staten Island, New York in the year 1926.

Berman was kicked out of high school for gambling. The artist would eventually study art at the the Jepsen Art Institute and Chouinard Art Institute both located in Los Angeles, CA.

Berman started working in a factory that produced furniture. The artist would collect scrap wood from work and start to creat sculptures.

Price range information: Works range from $10,000 to $100,000. The artist created photographs, collages, and was also a printmaker.

Below a short film created by Wallace Berman:


Berman also designed record album covers.

An image of the artist appears on the cover of the Beatles famed Sargeant Pepper Album.

Wallace Berman was killed in a car accident caused by a drunk driver in 1976. Berman was 50 years of age.

Wallace Berman had a very innovative sense of design. His artwork is very similar to what we see in the commercial advertising industry.