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Ben Naz was an internationally renown street artist. Ben Naz was born in Strausburg, France in the year 1970. His father was from the Philippines, and his mother was from France.

The artist moved back to Manila, Philippines in the early 1980’s. At the time when he started doing street art, it was seen as a disruptive act to the extreme right wing government.

Naz specialized in depicting the different lives between the rich and the poor.

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Below a short interview and some works by the artist:

One of the artist’s favorite sayings was “Live life without regrets.”

Ben Naz died in 2012. He had been fighting cancer of the esophagus.

In this clip some works made by Ben Naz during the last years of his life:

Outside of the Philippines the artist worked on the walls of London, England and Paris, France.

What a great example of how street art can be used to express the mood of a nation. No wonder the right wing government saw this as very unlawful. Ben Naz had a great sense of design, and as an artist was still climbing to his peak when he passed.