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Chris Jordan is a contemporary photographer and visual artist renown for creating images from trash. Chris Jordan was born in San Francisco, California in the year 1963.

One recurring concept the artist tries to push in his work is the idea that the massive insatiable appetites of the consumer has wrecked and ruined the habitats of many species. Jordan tries to get the viewer to imagine what consequences await for behavior that is destructive to the earth.

In this clip a short clip about the artist:

Price range information: Works range from $5,000 tpo $25,000.

The artist is now based out of Seattle, Washington.

In this clip Chris Jordan takes a closer look at the loss of bird life:


Chris Jordan is a great example of contemporary photography. The artist does a great job of finding and creating patterns that repeat. Jordan’s use of trash as a subject is similar to that of Yao Lu, both make beautiful images from it.