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Dan Colen is a contemporary sculptor, painter, and mixed media artist. Dan Colen was born in Leonia, New Jersey in the year 1979. Colen attended the Rhode Island School of Design earning a bachelor of fine arts degree.

When he first began his painting career he created images of fantasy in a realist style. Colen also made works with candles as the main subject.

Colen now creates works that incorporate modern materials including chewing gum and confetti.

Price range information: Works range from $10,000 to $1 million dollars. The artist works with acrylics, enamels, ink, wood, steel, oils, crayon, and is an avid printmaker.

In this clip we view an exhibition featuring Dan Colen from 2014:

The artist is based out of New York City.

Below an interview with Dan Colen. He also creates an interesting work using chewing gum:

Colen created an installation work with the now deceased artist Dash Snow. Snow died 2 years from a drug overdose after the work was installed.

Colen has explored many genres of art with great success. Having gone from being more of a realist to an expressionist Colen brings to mind the great PIcasso