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Trent Parke is an internationally acclaimed photographer from Australia. Trent Parke was born in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia in the year 1971.

Parke began experimenting with photography in 1983, he was twelve years of age.

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In this clip we view an exhibition given by Parke in 2016:

The artist is also married to a photographer named Narelle Autio.

Parke is now based out of Adelaide, Australia.

The artist is part of the collective Magnum Photos. He is the first Australian person to hold this position. Below a closer look at Parkes and his time at Magnum Photos:

I enjoy the work of Trent Parke as he has a great eye for capturing an image that has a great deal of very dark and very light shapes. Its interesting how water reflects so much light that it is usually the lightest tone in the image.