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Peeta is an internationally renown street artist sculptor, painter, and graphic artist. Peeta enjoys to give letters and text a sculptural feel.

The artist began writing graffiti in 1993. Peeta has been part of crews in Italy and New York City.

Peeta’s government name is Manuel De Rita.

The artist is now based out of Venice, Italy.

When he paints the artist works with acrylics using brushes and an airbrush.

In 2013 graffiti art was included in the famed Venice Biennial. Below we look at Peeta’s work from this exhibition:

In this clip we view the artist create one of his signature paintings with an awesome sense of depth and true sculptural feel:

When Peeta creates sculptures he uses the mediums of PVC, fiberglass, and bronze.

Below a link to the website of the artist:


What an innovative way to use letters as a true artform. My favorite artist who uses text is the French artist Tilt. Below a link to my article on this French artist: