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Antonio Sant’Elia was an Italian architect and artist associated with the Futurist movement. Sant’Elia left behind few finished works, he is renown for his bold sketches.

Antonio Sant’Elia was born in Como, Lombardy, Italy in the year 1888.

The artist trained as a builder and opened a design firm in Milan in 1912.

Sant’Elia is best known for his sketches of a highly mechanized and industrialized city of the future. The artist enjoyed depicting skyscrapers with aerial walkways in these works.

In 1915 the artist joined the Army and got involved in World War One.

In this clip a brief documentary on Antoine Sant’Elia with many works shown:

Antonio Sant’Elia was killed during a battle of World War One in 1916. He was 28 years of age.

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Antonio Sant’Elia was far ahead of his time when it comes to design. His work reminds me of the great Leonardo Da Vinci. Both artists showed tremendous foresight in their drawings as to what the future had in store.