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Ugo Nespolo was an Italian painter and sculptor. Ugo Nespolo was born in Mosso, Biella, Italy in the year 1941.

Nespolo attended the Academy Albertina of Art located in Turin, Italy. The artist also studied at the University of Turin.

Price range information: When the artist paints its often in acrylics. He has also worked with tempera, ceramics, and photography. Works range from $4,000 to $20,000.

Below a documentary on the artist with some additional works shown:


Ugo Nespolo is a very creative artist whose brightly colored palette, and style have a childlike quality. My favorite works include those with a Romero Britto boldness of color, and shapes that show a young artist aspiring to learn about art. Triangle shapes with four sides and rectangular shapes with 5 sides, Nespolo’s work has a happy and playful feel to it.