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Oscar Reutersvard was a Swedish painter and sculptor. Reutersvard is often called the father of the impossible figure. The artist  was renown for works that challenged the visual perceptions of the viewer.

Oscar Reutersvard was born in Stockholm, Sweden in the year 1915. As a child he had a vision problem called dyslexia. This caused him problems when it came to judging the size and distance of an object he was drawing.

Below we take a closer look at the Penrose triangle created by the artist in 1934:

The artist was 18 years of age when he produced a work that signify the rest of his career. The work was called the Impossible Triangle. The triangle was broken down into many cubes shapes seen with perspective.

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In 1982 the Swedish government issued 3 postage stamps celebrating the artist’s work. When the postage rate needed to be raised they burned the stamps that hadn’t issued. These stamps are now highly sought after on the collector’s market.

Oscar Reutersvard passed away in 2002. He was 86 years of age.

The work of Oscar Reutersvard is similar to that of Op Artists such as Bridget Riley M.C. Escher, or Victor Vasarely. The latter three artists often portrayed an entire image where Oscar Reutervard would just concentrate on one shape, not a pattern of movement or repitition.