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Charlie Sivuarapik was an Inuit carver and printmaker. Charlie Sivuarapik was born in 1911. Some recurring motifs include otters, birds, hunters, and characters from the Inuit folklore.

The artist had poor health so he didn’t participate in the hunting economy.

Sivuarapik was the first Inuit member of the Sculptors Society of Canada.

The artist was based out of Puvirnituq from the 1950’s until he died.

At the start of his career he often carved in ivory. Later in his career the artist worked in stone.

Charlie Sivuarapik passed away in 1968 from complications of tuberculosis.

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Works of Charlie Sivuarapik can be found in the prestigious collections of the National Gallery of Canada, and the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

Charlie Sivuararapik was a master carver capable of creating anything from Sedna, to a mother with child, to an otter eating lunch. His level of creativity and wide range of subject matter was amazing.