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Irving Harper was a paper sculptor and furniture designer. Irving Harper was born in New York City in the year 1916. Harper is associated with the modernist movement.

Harper attended Cooper Union College in New York City. He also attended Brooklyn College.

In the art of furniture design Irving Harper was renown for his creation called the marshmellow sofa. Harper also created a large variety of clocks the most famous being the Ball clock.

Harper worked for George Nelson and Associates until 1963. After leaving he started his own design company which he worked at until his retirement in 1983.

Below a brief documentary on Irving Harper:

Irving Harper passed away in 2015. He was 99 years of age.

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Irving Harper was an incredible artist and designer. Perhaps he wasn’t given enough credit for his furniture designs and this caused him to progress even further, quitting George Nelson designs and starting his own company.

He went on to design for many companies including Hallmark Greeting Cards. Paper scupture is a big niche in the modern greeting card market, thanks Irving Harper!