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Hsiao Chin is a contemporary painter with an abstract style. Hsiao Chin was born in Shanghai, China in the year 1935.

The artist’s father was an important fixture in the Chinese musical education system.

Chin attended the Provincial Tapai Teacher’s College. He followed these studies with studies the painter Li Chun-shan. This was the artist’s first exposure to commercial and abstract styles of painting.

In 1956 with some of the leading abstract painters in China he founded the first Chinese abstract painting group.

Chin married another geometric abstract painter named Pia Pizzo in the early 1960’s. He is now married to an Austrian soprano singer named Monika Unterberger.

The artist also taught at the collegiate level in the United States and Italy.

Price range information: The artist has worked in oils, acrylics, watercolor, ink and gouache. He is also an avid printmaker. Prices range from $5,000 to $100,000.

Below a short documentary on Hsaio Chin:

Hsiao Chin’s work is a great mixture of color and geometric shapes. His use of color is bold, but he often leaves much of the picture space empty or filled with white. A great marriage of positive and negative shapes.