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Charley Harper was an American illustrator and painter working in a modernist style. Charley Harper was born in Frenchton, West Virginia in the year 1922.

Harper attended the Art Academy of Cincinnatti.

The artist grew up on the family farm. Much of his work has to do with seeing the animal creatures of the earth in simple geometric shapes.

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Harper began his career working for another firm before striking out on his own. Harper was quite successful as a commercial artist working for the Ford company creating many works for the Ford magazine.

In this clip a great montage of works by Charley Harper:

The artist was based out of Cincinnati, Ohio for much of his art career.

Charley Harper passed away in 2007 after a battle with pneumonia. He was 84 years of age.

The artist referred to his own work as,” minimal realism.”

Below a great interview with Charley Harper:


Charley Harper was an artist with a very keen eye for design. His work is similar to that of the great Alvin Lustig. Both artists were able to create fantastic designs by breaking down complex shapes into simple geometric shapes and patterns. This can be seen in his design of spots and lines on animal fur.