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Chantal Joffe is a contemporary artist from England. Chantal Joffe was born in St. Albans, Vermont, United States in the year 1969.

Joffe had an extenisve collegiate career. She began at Camberwell College of Arts located in London. She completed her bachelor of arts degree at the University of Glasgow. Joffe went on to earn a master of art degree from the Royal Academy located in London, England.

Joffe comes from a family of artists. Her mother paints in watercolor whilst a brother is a novelist.

The artist often works in a mural size with sides of her paintings reaching 10 feet in length.

In this clip Joffe talks about an exhibition of her work from 2015:


Joffe’s subjects are similar to that of the wonderful Mary Cassatt, women and children.

Chantal Joffe’s muted palette does a great job at expression emotion by the use of subtle colors. She creates interesting visual patterns in the designs found on her figure’s clothes.