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Vans the Omega is an internationally renown street artist famous for his work with the face and figure. The artist often works with the face and figure broken down into geometric shapes. He is the street art version of Chuck Close!

Vans the Omega is based out of Adelaide, Australia. He was also born in the city.

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Below we watch the artist in action from 2014:

The artist is seen as a founding father of the graffiti and street art movement in Australia. He began his career tagging subways, and decorating rail lines. At this time in his career he specialized in lettering.

Below a link to the website of the artist:


In this clip we see the artist at work in 2016:


What a great mixture of styles Vans the Omega has. His experience with lettering and text from his more than two decades of experience with graffiiti. The artist has always had an eye for breaking down complex portraits into a fun mix of basic geometric shapes and visual patterns.