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Victor Ash is a contemporary street artist from the country of Denmark. Victor Ash was born in the country of Portugal in the year 1968. Ash creates murals, prints, and installations.

The artist is now based out of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Ash is one of the original street and graffiti artists of Europe. He began experimenting with graffiti in the 1980’s. Preceding Banksy, Ash and his contemporaries were influenced by what the art they saw from New York City.

In this clip we view an extremely large mural by Victor Ash:


Below we view a piece created in Berlin, Germany:

Below a link to the website of the artist:


Victor Ash is a fantastic example of how an artist can progress from a graffiti and tagger, to a fine artist and beyond. The size of his works are amazing! The artist shows a great sense of design with use of black and white. He is in the same league as Banksy when it comes to street art. A true founding father of the movement.