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Rafael Soriano was a Cuban painter renown for his abstract style. Rafael Soriano was born Cidra, Matanzas, Cuba in the year 1920.

Soriano attended the San Alejandro Academy of Arts located Havana, Cuba.

The artist went on to be a professor at the Academy of Arts in Matanzas. This school was seen as the best of its kind located outside of Havana.

In 1962 the artist relocated to Miami, Florida.

Rafael Soriano passed away in 2015. He was 94 years of age.

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Soriano’s work can be found in many prestigious public and private collections including the Denver Museum of Art, the Smithsonian Museum of American Art, and the Florida Museum of Art.

Soriano’s work, with its basis on geometric abstraction, is similar to that of the Transcendentalist painting group that was formed in New Mexico in the 1930’s. Both styles play upon basic geometric shapes as well as organic shapes to produce wonderful eye catching designs.