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Karl Springer was an American designer of furniture. Spring was renown for his not only his sleek line work, but for often using animal skin in the design. The skin was lacquered to protect the skin from damage. Springer’s furniture was in high demand from celebrities including European royalty.

Karl Springer was born in Berlin, Germany in the year 1930.

Originally Springer wanted to become a bookbinder. This job taught him about using animal skins and creating fantastic designs.

Below a rare table made out of granite created by Springer:

Karl Springer flourished during the 1960’s, 70’s, and 80’s. He began his own workshop in 1960. In 1965 the Duchess of Windsor bought a table and his career as an internationally collected furniture designer began.

In this clip we view a table and chair created by the artist. The chair shown was created using shagreen which is the skin of a shark found in Asia:

Springer was influenced by classical Chinese and Art Deco style of design.

Karl Springer passed away in 1991. He was 61 years of age.

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Karl Springer had a great eye for creating interesting curvy shapes, even circles and semi-circles, in his shapes. Not only did this break the norm of block shapes, he further pushed the design envelope by using the animal skins. What a great idea!