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Mark Lague is a contemporary landscape painter from Canada. Mark Lague was born in Lachine, Quebec, Canada in the year 1964. Lague often paints city scenes with a heavy dense atmosphere, often raining and at night or dusk.

The artist attended the Concordia University of Design at Concordia.

Below a montage of works by Mark Lague:

Lague worked for thirteen years in the animation industry where he created backgrounds. After winning some awards and critical acclaim the artist switched from part time to being a full time professional painter.

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In this clip some paintings by the artist with photographs of the actual landscape:

Below a link to the website of the artist:


Mark Lague does a great job at portraying the atmosphere in his work. The artist refers to himself as a painter of light. His career is similar to that of the renown artist Thomas Kinkade. Kinkade also worked in the animation industry as a background designer before switching to full time painting.