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Fulvio Bianconi was an Italian artist who worked in many mediums, but the artist was renown for his work with glass. Fulvio Bianconi was born in Ponte di Brenta, Italy in the year 1915. Bianconi helped push glass towards from utilitarian use to the more decorative and fine art glass we see today from the likes of Chihuly or Preston Singletary.

As a child Bianconi loved to draw and often created caricatures.

The artist began his career working for the world renown Murano glass company when he was 16 years of age.

Bianconi served in the Army during World War Two. After the war finished he found work as a graphic designer and worked for the leading Italian publishers including the famed Garzanti company.

The artist is best known for his lamps and vases. From a design standpoint the artist is given credit for the first to portray humans in the medium of glass. In many of glass pieces the silhouette of the female form can be found.

Fulvio Bianconi passed away in 1996.

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In this clip some wonderful examples by Bianconi:

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Fulvio Bianconi was a very innovative artist who had a great eye for color combinations. Whats most impressive about this artist is how many of today’s glass masters also regard glass as a form of artistic expression.