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Marjorie Esa is a Canadian contemporary graphic artist, printmaker, and carver. Marjorie Esa was born in Baker Lake, Nunavut Territory, Canada in the year 1934.

Similar to the Works Progress Administration in the United States, Canada also developed a government sponsored program that helped to the support the arts, and Esa was among the first to prosper from this program in Baker Lake.

Two artists from Winnipeg were hired by the Canadian government to start a print shop. Esa was among the first to join. Back in the early days of her career she was a sculptor.

The artist’s favorite medium is colored pencil. She enjoys the way she is able to layer color and portray light falling on the surface of her animals.

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Marjorie Esa’s work is a great example of contemporary Inuit art. Esa goes to great lengths in drawing her groups of animals to make each one just a bit different than the next. Esa is an excellent draftsman, giving all of her creatures a fantastic sense of life.