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Faig Ahmed is a contemporary artist renown for his work with tapestry and rug design that is very modern in design with an emphasis on color. Faig Ahmed was born in Baku, Azerbaijan in the year 1982.

Weavings of Ahmed are mounted on wood or plastic.

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In this clip a closer look at the Faig Ahmed with many works shown:


Below a link to the website of the artist:


The artist has also worked as a sculptor.

Ahmed has been a participant in the Venice Biennial.

Below we view an exhibition from 2016 featuring the artist:

Faig Ahmed’s style is a wonderfull mixture of traditional and contemporary design ideas. Its like looking at a painting by Rembrandt and Julian Opie of the same person on one canvas!

His sculptural works also have a great balance of modernist design with the sculptural aspect, and surface patterns which feature the more traditional design found in this area of the world.