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Gugger Petter is a contemporary artist who is renown for her works created with newspaper.

Petter attended the Academy of Fine Art in Rome, Italy. She also studied in Denmark.

Petter enjoys working with the newspapers as she can incorporate current events into her art. She also enjoys the limited palette the medium provides. Each work is a historical snapshot at the world and its current events.

Petter uses a technique of weaving together newspapers to create her art. Although she was familiar with weaving tapestries, she had to create her own technique for binding newspapers.

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In this clip a large portrait by the Petter is revealed:

The artist often works with the face and figure. Petter was commissioned to create images of Presidents Obama and Clinton.

Below a link to the website of the artist:


The artist is having an exhibition of her work titled Tabletops and Portraits at the Andrea Schwartz Gallery in May and June of 2017. The gallery is located in San Francisco, CA.

What a great idea for a medium! One aspect that makes this idea seem so interesting is the fact that newspapers are shrinking in total number due to increases in technology. Its great to see newspapers used in the creation of art.