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Rosie Lee Tompkins was an American artist who mastered the art of quilt making. Rosie Lee Tompkins was born in Arkansas in the year 1936. Her family were sharecroppers.

The artist’s government name was Effie Mae Martin Howard.

She began to quilt as a child working alongside her mother.

Works by Tompkins have been in many prestigious exhibitions including the Whitney Biennial of American Art.

Price range information: Sorry none available. During her lifetime the artist didn’t sell many of her quilts.

As an adult the artist lived in Richmond, California.

Rosie Lee Tompkins passed away in 2006. She was 70 years of age.

The basis of Tompkins quilts have a great surface and interesting patterns and texture. She would use various materials including velvet, fake fur, wool, and silk. This gives her quilts a texture similar to that of “crazy quilts.” From a design standpoint Tompkins’ work had a great mix of strong geometric shapes and bold color.