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Mark English is a contemporary painter and illustrator. Mark English was born in Hubbard, Texas in the year 1933. English has a very unique style that combines abstraction and geometric shapes with bold color.

English attended the Art Center College of Design located in Pasadena, California.

During his time as a full time illustrator English won countless awards for his work. The artist’s work appeared in nearly all of the most popular magazines and newspapers of the time including the Saturday Evening Post, Time, Sports Illustrated, and the Ladies Home Journal.

In this clip we watch Mark English as he paints!:

English spent time at Hallmark Greeting Cards as an artist-in-residence.

The artist is now based out of Liberty, Missouri.

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Below we visit an exhibition of the artist’s work that took place in 2014:


What a fun and creative style of painting! His work reminds me of the great illustrator of children’s books Ezra Keats.