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King Robbo was a world renown British street artist and painter. King Robbo was born in England in the year 1969.

King Robbo was renown for painting a flower created of many peace signs. King Robbo was one of Banksy’s biggest rivalries. Banksy and the artist met at a bar. Banksy told King Robbo he wasn’t aware of his art and so the two began a life long feud.

In this clip we check out some works by King Robbo and Banksy:

The artist flourished during the 1980’s and 1990’s at the start of the graffiti and subway art movement in England. Robbo painted his first train in 1985.

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King Robbo passed away in 2014. The artist was in a coma for several years from an unexplained head injury. The artist was 44 years of age.

Below a link to the website of the artist:


Below we watch the artist in action!:


One result of the rivalry with Banksy was a renewal of inerest in creating street and graffiti art by King Robbo. Its sad that he passed during a time when street art was rapidly gaining more worldwide recognition and his body of work as an artist was being appreciated more.