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Hannah Rothstein is a contemporary painter, illustrator, and conceptural artist renown for her work that often supports preservation and conservation of land. Hannah Rothstein was born in the year 1986.

Works of Rothstein have appeared in Time magazine and the Guardian.

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The artist has also released two books. Both of these books have gotten five star ratings from customers. Her last book was published in 2016. The book was a coloring book of cocktails for the adult artist.

Rothstein is based out of Berkeley, California.

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Rothstein recently created a series of works using the style of art from the Works Progress Administration. The theme of the works was conservation. Her idea was to show what the National Parks might look like in 2050.

Rothstein is a true working person’s artist. She works often exploring new mediums and ways to express herself. Most impressive is the fact she is an author with two books already pulblished.