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Joe Colombo was an Italian industrial furniture designer. Joe Colombo was born in Milan, Italy in the year 1930.

Colombo attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Milano where he studied painting. He also studied architecture at Milano University.

When he began as a professional Colombo was a painter of the Abstract Expressionist style.

As for his personal style and life, Colombo enjoyed life and was a bon vivant. He enjoyed being photographed in a chair he designed with a pipe or cigar in his mouth.

Colombo was renown for design if the Elda chair and the Brillo chair. Colombo believed that great design made human life more enjoyable.

Joe Colombo passed away after having a heart attack on his birthday in 1971. He was 41 years of age.

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Below a montage of designs from Joe C. Colombo:

From his life story and biography we have the orginal most interesting man in the world! His skill for interior and furniture design is on par with the great Verner Panton. Both were icons of 1970’s design.