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Pete Fecteau is a contemporary artist who creates incredible images using unvolved Rubik’s cubes. Pete Fecteau was born in the year 1983 at Williams Air Force Base located in Arizona.

Fecteau attended Plymouth State University located in the state of New Hampshire. Fecteau finished his collegiate career at Kendall College of Art and Design located in Grand Rapids, Michigan where he earned a degree in digital media design.

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In 2009 Fecteau created an image of Martin Luther King that used more than 4,000 rubik’s cube pieces. The work went viral in 2011 and has been viewed by 60 million people via the internet. Below a closer look at this work:

The artist draws inspiration from street and graffiti art.

In this clip a time lapse of Fecteau creating a new work:


Fecteau, alongside his wife, runs his own design company called Buttonpresser Studios. The company and the artist are based out of Wellington, New Zealand.

What a fun style of art! The work of Pete Fecteau can be seen as a more modernist version of Chuck Close’s signature style of portraiture.