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Ken Knowlton is a contemporary graphic designer, visual artist, and pioneer of computer graphics design. Ken Knowlton was born in Springville, New York in the year 1931.

Knowlton received a wonderful collegiate education. The artist earned a bachelors and masters degree in physics from Cornell University located in Ithaca, New York. Knowlton went on to receive a Ph.D from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Knowlton enjoys working with portraiture. His style of work in this genre is similar to that of the great Chuck Close in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Knowlton often creates mosaics. Most of his body of work in this genre is in the field of portraiture.

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Below we pay a visit to the studio of the Ken Knowlton:

The artist is based out of Budd Lake, New Jersey.

The style of Ken Knowlton is similar to the Rubik’s cube artist profiled a few days ago, Pete Fecteau. Both artist’s do a great job at creating interesting designs using straight and hard edged shapes.

Knowlton is creative with his portraits, in a manner that reminds this viewer of Vik Muniz. Muniz has created interesting portraits using everything from chocolate to cavier. Knowlton has used everything from dominoes to crossword puzzles to seashells to create his portraits.