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Alice and Martin Provensen were an American husband and wife team that illustrated many popular children’s books. Their lives often overlapped just by circumstance.

Alice was born in Chicago, Illinois in the year 1917. Martin Provensen was also born in Chicago in 1916. Both artists won scholarships to the Art Institute of Chicago. Both followed this education by attending the University of California, although each attended a seperate campus.

After college Alice got a job working with the Walter Lantz Studio. The company that produced Woody Woodpecker. Martin took a job with Walt Disney Studios.

As a duo they illustrated 40 childrens books. 8 of the books they created were named to the New York Times annual list of best illustrated books.

Below a short clip featuring many childrens books illustrations by the duo:

The couple won the prestigious Caldecott award, given for the best picture chidrens picture book, for their book titled The Glorious Fight.

Martin Provensen passed away from a heart attack in 1987. Alice went on to have successful publishing career.

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What an interesting life story. The two artists took nearly the same path to accomplish their dreams and goals. Alice will soon be 100 years old! Their style is similar to another great illustrator of that era, Disney studios Mary Blair.