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Irene Lopez Leon is a contemporary street artist from Spain. Irene Leon was born in Barcelona, Spain.

Leon is renown for creating images that appear to be the portal/ entry to another world or dimension of time. The artist combines a great sense of color with basic geometric shapes.

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From an artistic standpoint her work is very fun to look at because there are many varieties of edges. Some objects seem rather flat, and some very dimensional. This variance always keeps the viewers eye moving.

Two influences on her work include the pyschiatrist Carl Jung, and the abstract painter Wassily Kandinsky.

Leon is based out of Barcelona, Spain.

In this clip a montage of works by the artist:

Below a link to the website of the artist:


What a great style of street art! I find her art perfect for walls and buildings. What is on the other side? Her work has an element of magial realism.