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Kelly Bjork is a contemporary illustrator and graphics designer. Kelly Bjork was born in the year 1985. The artist grew up in Tacoma, Washington.

Bjork earned a B.F.A. in drawing and printmaking from Western Washington located in Bellingham, Washington.

Bjork often works with the figure. She often portrays the figure in the bathtub or steam room. These works are very unique as their vantage point often leads the artist to use extreme foreshortening in the design.

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Bjork is based out of Seattle, Washington.

The artist also works as a greeting card designer for the Pilgrim Paper Company.

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The artist often works with gouache.

Kelly Bjork does a great job at creating at interesting patterns in her work. Bjork shows depth by using overlapping flat blocks of color. I enjoy the flatness of her work.  Another artist who has a similar style is Jonas Wood.