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Ronald Lockett was an African- American folk artist. Ronald Lockett was born in Bessemer, Alabama in the year 1965. Lockett was renown for his paintings and assemblages.

Lockett was self taught with no formal artistic education. Much of his art was produced using found materials including plywood, sheet metal, wood pallets, and chain link fencing.

One recurring theme in the work of the artist was violence. Lockett also portrayed the plight of animals whose environments have been ruined by man.

Ronald Lockett passed away from AIDS related pneumonia in 1998. He was 32 years of age.

In this clip a brief documentary on the artist with some works shown:

The artist Thornton Dial was a cousin to Ronald Lockett.

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What an interesting style. I found his work to be a biography of his life in the American South. Another artist with a similar style would be Betye Saar.