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C.J. Hendry is a contemporary visual artist working in a hyper realist style. Hendry is from Australia.

The artist work with pens. For subject matter some recurring subjects include shoes, hand bags, hats, food, and currency. Hendry has always desired to own luxury items so luxury fashion was an obvious choice for subject matter.

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The artist is based out of Brisbane, Australia.

Hendry creates very large pieces. Some works take more than 200 hours to complete.

In this clip we view an exhibition from 2015:


One artist who provides inspiration to Hendry was the late British fashion designer Alexander McQueen.

In this clip a brief interview with C.J. Hendry:

The musician Kanye West is a huge fan of her art.

C.J. Hendry has a great eye for design. Its great to see an artist who enjoys working with traditional methods such as pen ink. She also takes many photographs and using the traditional grid and transfer method of making a transfer from photo to drawing.