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Paul Qayutinnuaq is a contemporary Inuit carver. Qayutinnuaq often portrays the Inuit male who is hunting or fishing. He also enjoys carving animals.

Paul Qayutinnuaq was born in Gjoa Haven, Nunavut Territory, Canada in the year 1957. He began carving when he was 9 years of age.

The artist enjoyed hanging out with his dad, and the two of them often would hunt and fish together. As a result the Inuit fisherman with a spear seems to be Qayutinnuaq’s favorite subject.

Qayutinnuaq gives credit to his father for teaching him everything he knows and for being a great mentor.

The artist looks at a stone from many different angles. He doesn’t start until he sees a finished work in his head. He doesn’t create any preporatory sketches.

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Among the Inuit artist’s Paul Qayutinnuaq’s work stands apart as his characters have great emotional expression. His pieces that involve the classic Inuit fisherman with a spear are very impressive!