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Sofles is an internationally renown street artist from Australia. Sofles often incorporates text and comic book heroes in his work. The artist was born in the year 1983.

Sofles began experimenting with graffiti in the year 2000. The artist enjoys the challenge of someone always creating something better than what you have created.

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Sofles enjoys listening to hip hop music when he works.

Below Sofles creates a work of art for the Brisbane Street Art Festival of 2017:

The artist’s government name is Russell Orrie Fenn.

In this clip we view Sofles at work via time lapse creating a mural of a beautiful woman:

Sofles is based out of Brisbane, Australia.

Sofles’ work has a modernist feel to it. His works created in black and white have many interesting repeating patterns and shapes. Sofles’ use of color schemes also helps to make his work stand out amongst his peers.