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Zhivago Duncan is a contemporary painter, sculptor, and installation artist. Zhivago Duncan was born in Terre Haute, Indiana in the year 1980.

Duncan attended the Chelsea School of Art located in London, England.

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In this clip Zhivago Duncan has created a machine that paints!:

Duncan is based out of Berlin, Germany.

The artist has gone through periods of time where he paints ideas from different personas. An example of this are the works he painted in the persona of Dick Flash. Duncan created the persona of Dick Flash, the last man alive on earth after the apocalypse.

Below we view an installation from the Saatchi Gallery in 2012:

Zhivago Duncan has a very creative mind! His painting machine is my favorite work of his. Imagine ten years from now we might have a distant cousin of Siri and the Iphone creating paintings! An abstract expressionist I phone app!

The artist’s two dimensional works have a great balance of abstraction and realism.