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Liz Nielsen is a contemporary photographer with a unique take on the medium. Liz Nielsen was born in Wisconsin in the year 1975.

Nielsen earned a B.A. in philosophy and Spanish from Seattle University in Washington. The artist also earned a B.F.A. from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Nielsen went on to earn a M.F.A. in photography from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Nielsen is renown for creating photograms. An image is formed by placing objects directly on the photographic paper and exposing them to light. The artist creates hand made negatives. The artist took many years to develop a system in which pure white is replaced by subtle colors.

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The artist is now based out of Brooklyn, New York.

In this clip we view an exhibition from 2013:

Liz Nielsen has a great eye for color and excellent design. What a great use of color!

Below a link to the website of the artist:


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