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Carsten Holler is a contemporary conceptual artist and sculptor. Carsten Holler was born in Brussels, Belgium in the year 1961. His parents were German. A main theme of Holler’s work is the relationships of people.

Holler received a doctorate in agricultural science from the University of Kiel, Germany. Holler worked in the field until the mid 1990’s. He began making art in the 1980’s.

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The artist is now based out of Stockholm, Sweden. Holler also shares a house in Ghana with Marcel Odenbach, a German video artist.

Holler is renown for creating large slides including one for the Berlin Biennial in 1998.

Holler is also renown for creating works of mushrooms. He also created a well received series about carousels.

Carsten Holler is a very creative artist who works in any medium from film, to photography, and installations.