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Vivian Maier was American photographer renown for her portraits. Maier main job was as a nanny. She took up photography in her spare time. Much of Maier’s body of work was taken around the city of Chicago, Illinois.

Vivian Maier was born in New York City in the year 1926.

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Maier took around 150,000 photographs during her life. During her lifetime she didn’t receive any recognition for her work but in the dawn of the Internet her work has attracted large following. During her lifetime not one print was made of work.

Below a montage of works by the Vivian Maier:

In addition to people the artist enjoyed shooting architecture and landscapes of Chicago and New York.

In 2013 a documentary film was produced about Vivian Maier and her photography. The award winning film was titled Finding Vivian Maier. Below a preview of the movie:

Vivian Maier passed away in 2009. She was 83 years old.

Vivian Maier was an amazing photographer who did a great job at capturing unique looking people similar to the great Diane Arbus.