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Peter Clarke was a painter from the country of South Africa. Peter Clarke was born in Simon’s Town, South Africa in the year 1929. Clarke worked as a painter, printmaker, collage, and assemblage artist.

The artist also enjoyed writing poetry.

Clarke attended Michaelis School of Art located in Cape Town, South Africa where he learned to etch. He also attended the State Academy of Fine Arts located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Clarke lived on the coastal region of South Africa until 1972. At that time an apartheid law was put into place that restricted where a person of colored could live. The law was called the Group Areas Act. 

The artist worked as a dock worker after finishing with high school. He was given his first solo exhibition when he was 27 years of age in 1956. Clarke had more than 70 solo exhibitions during his career.

Price range information: Clarke worked in oils, ink, gouache, and watercolor. Most works priced between $10,000 and $50,000.

Below a great interview with Peter Clarke:

Peter Clarke passed away in 2014.

Peter Clarke had a great eye for creating interesting designs. Clarke excelled at painting hands and feet, two subject very difficult for most artists.