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Zehra Dogan is a contemporary painter from Turkey. Dogan is renown for her depictions of women dressed in brightly colored clothes. She also creates paintings super charged with emotional strife that show the horrors and ugliness of war.

Dogan was sentenced to prison for just under three years time for creating a painting showing the Kurdish city of Nusaybin in ruins after an attack led by the Turkish security forces.

The artist is also a highly regarded author and writer. Dogan has received awards for a piece she wrote that explained the plight of a young woman trying to escape from ISIS.

Dogan was the editor of the information site JINHA. An all female news agency in Turkey that was shut down after the failed coup attempt that took place in July of 2016.

World renown street artist Banksy created a work in New York that was done in support of the release of Zehra Dogan:


Zehra Dogan has given up her freedom for her art. Much respect should be given to the artist for painting the world as she saw it, regardless of what others thought. The artist has strong views and her artwork supports these views. I find her work similar to the Chinese artist Ai WeiWei. Ai WeiWei has also been jailed for his political artwork.