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Ellis Gallagher is a contemporary sidewalk chalk artist. Ellis Gallagher was born in the year 1973. Gallagher now often work in chalk but he got his start as a tagger and graffiti writer.

Gallagher is renown for his extensive work with the cast shadows of subjects. The artist has created most of his body of work around New York City.

Below a 120 second interview with the Ellis Gallagher:

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The artist was once arrested for using chalk and charged with graffiti. As chalk disappears rather quickly the charges were eventually dropped.

In this clip a brief documentary on the Ellis Gallagher:


Gallagher gave up painting in the street after a bad incident in 2001. He was working on a piece in 2001 in the F train tunnel with a friend named Hector Ramirez. A train roared by and killed his friend. After that incident he gave up painting in the streets.

Ellis Gallagher is an amazing artist who has fun with shadows in much the same way Richard Hambleton had fun with his shadowmen. Its great to see an artist thriving with such  an old school medium as chalk!