Artist of the moment………Photographer John Stryker


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John Stryker was a photographer renown for his work with bulls and rodeos. John Stryker was born in Rockford, Illinois in the year 1883.

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Stryker was renown for his ant’s eye view of bulls and rodeo life. The artist achieved this by attaching cameras to his boots. This made the bulls appear even larger.

In addition to painting Stryker worked many other jobs dealing with the rodeo such as promoter, producer, and rider. The artist even created the chute that the animals come out of.

Stryker worked as a rodeo photographer in the 1920’s and 1930’s in Montana and Wyoming before relocating to Fort Worth, Texas in the 1940’s.

John Stryker passed away in 1974.

In this clip from the Antiques Roadshow we view an appraisal of two photographs:


John Stryker was a very innovative photographer. His idea to attach a camera to boots seems nearly 100 years ahead of his time. We now have gopro’s and other devices that can easily attach to a person so we now take this idea for granted, but this was a ground breaking idea at the time!



Artist of the moment………Thomas Brownell Eldred


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Thomas Brownell Eldred was a painter and printmaker renown for his style of geometric abstraction.

Thomas Brownell Eldred was born in Climax, Michigan in the year 1903.

Eldred graduated from Kalamazoo College located in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Eldred studied economics because there was no art program at Kalamazoo College at the time.

He went on to enroll at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Years later after relocating to New York City Eldred attended the Art Student’s League of New York where he studied with the great draftsman and painter Thomas Hart Benton.

Eldred was also an accomplished lithographer. He also taught printmaking at the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

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The artist worked in many mediums including watercolor, gouache, oils, ink, and lithography.

Thomas Brownell Eldred passed away in 1993.

Works by the artist can be found in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Baltimore Museum of Art, and the Guggenheim Museum of Art.

Thomas Brownell Eldred had an excellent sense of design. His style of geometric abstraction used the basic shapes in innovative ways that bring to mind the work of Wassily Kandinsky.





Artist of the moment……….Klaus Moje


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Klaus Moje was an internationally renown glass artist with a great eye for color and design. Klaus Moje was born in Hamburg, Germany in the year 1936.

His family was renown for doing specialty decorative designs with glass. Moje worked in the family business until he won a scholarship to attend glass art school.

Moje attended the Rheinbach and Hadamar Glass Schools.

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Moje also worked as a professor. The artist was a founding member of the glass school at Australia National University.

Below a great montage of works by Klaus Moje:

Klaus Moje passed away in 2016. He was 79 years of age.

I enjoy the designs of Klaus Moje. His glass works remind of the great painters of geometric abstraction such as Shirley Jaffe and Auguste Herbin.



Artist of the moment……….John Cederquist


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John Cederquist is a contemporary sculptor and assemblage artist renown his unique style of furniture. John Cederquist was born in Altadena, California in the year 1946. The artist often includes cartoon paintings and odd viewing perspectives in his work.

The artist attended California State University at Long Beach where he earned both a bachelor and master’s degree in art.

Cederquist was inspired most by cartoons and Japanese woodblock prints.

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Below we view an exhibition by John Cederquist that took place in 2016:

Cederquist has taught at the collegiate level at Saddleback College located in Mission Viejo, California.

The artist works with wood. In his furniture the smaller parts are painted smaller cuts of wood layered on top of a larger piece.

In this clip a fantastic interview with the artist:

Below a link to the website of the artist:

What a fun style of furniture! His couches are just as creative as Salvador Dali and his lips couch! Cederquist’s work is even more impressive because his works are more trompe de l’oeil, tricking the human eye often when viewing his work!




Artist of the moment……..Street Artist POSE


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Pose is  contemporary street artist renown for his highly detailed works that combine several genres with great color.

Many works contain elements of different genres of painting that include cartoons and text similar to that of Roy Lichtenstein. Color that brings to mind the Pop Art movement and the use of colorful acrylic paint. The artist also makes references to contemporary street art.

In this clip a time lapse of POSE from a festival:

Pose is also known as Jordan Nickel. Jordan Nickel was born in Evanston, Illinois in the year 1980.

The artist began creating graffiti in 1992.

Pose is based out of Chicago, Illinois.

Below a link to the website of the artist:

In this clip a brief interview with Pose:

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What most impresses me about POSE is use of color and the ability to take many individual ideas and compose them all on a single canvas. His work reminds of one of the first well known graffiti artists, CRASH.



Artist of the moment…….OG Slick


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OG Slick is an internationally renown street artist. OG Slick often portrays letters and pop culture using the hands. Slick is a painter, printmaker, and sculptor.

My favorite artist who used the hand and fingers as a subject is Martin Wong, who did this during the birth of street art in New York City in the 1970’s.

I find OG Slick’s use of bubble letters similar to that of my favorite French street artist, Tilt.

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Below a flag mural painted by OG Slick:


Slick is now based out of Los Angeles, California.

The artist is also an experienced clothing designer.

OG Slick has been very successful as a commercial artist. In this interview the artist talks about his collaboration with Addidas. OG Slick created four different shoe designs:

What a great style of art! I enjoy his mix of typography and traditional drawing. His line work is amazing! OG Slick is one outstanding draftsman!


Painting by Leonardo DaVinci sells for $450 million


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The painting Salvator Mundi or Savior of the World, created centuries ago by the master Leonardo da Vinci, recently sold at Christie’s Auction house for $450 million dollars.

With the price tag of $450 million U.S. dollars the work becomes the most expensive painting ever to be sold.

In this clip a closer look at the painting:

The buyer of the work is not yet known.




Artist of the moment……….Abraham Lacalle


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Abraham Lacalle is a contemporary painter. Abraham Lacalle was born in Almeria, Spain in the year 1962.

Lacalle enjoys painting and uses the process to express his views on politics and society.

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In this clip a fantastic montage of works by the Lacalle:

Lacalle works in oils and watercolor.

The artist took part in a recent artist showcase called The Truck Art Project. This project took traditional gallery artists and also street artists who were each given a truck to paint. So if you are in Europe keep an eye for these great works of art!

In this clip a brief documentary on the Truck Art Project:


From a design standpoint the basic shapes drawn by Lacalle remind me of Van Gogh’s landscapes which were made very with interesting marks. Both artists often a great emotional response to the landscape rather than just a mere representation of it.




Artist of the moment………..Zena Assi


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Zena Assi is a contemporary painter from Lebanon. Zena Assi was born in Tripoli, Lebanon in the year 1974.

Assi earned a degree from the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts. She earned a master’s degree in advertising.

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Assi now divides her time between London, England and Beirut, Lebanon. Assi moved to the United Kingdom in 2014.

In this clip a brief interview with Zena Assi talking about an exhibition:

One artist that inspired her was Egon Schiele.

The artist has taught drawing and visual communication at the collegiate level.

Assi is renown for her paintings. She has also worked in many other mediums including installation, animation, and sculpture.

A main theme in her work is the present day life and struggles of the average civilian person. Other themes she enjoys working with are present day changes in cultural ideals and immigration.

Assi’s style reminds of the contemporary street artist Swoon. Both artists like to portray everyday events of the common person. Both artists do a great job at creating visually interesting compositions.








Artist of the moment…………..Street Artist Astro


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Astro is a contemporary street artist from France. Astro’s style is based on optical illusions that confuse the viewer from what is real and what is painted.

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One artist that inspires Astro is Victor Vasarely who was the leader of the Op Art movement. Another artist providing inspiration was the decorative artist and painter Alphonse Mucha.

The artist began making graffiti in the year 2000.

In this clip a review of many works by Astro created in 2016. Many fantastic works are shown:


On occasion the artist works with a crew based out of Los Angeles, California called collective CBS.

Below a link to the website of the artist. Many great murals are shown on the site:

What a great style of street art! This remind of 3d wall poster art of the 1980’s and 1990’s. Astro’s work also reminds me of the painter Victor Vasarely but on a much larger scale! I would like to see how many drawings and smaller paintings the artist makes in preparation for his murals, the size of his work is so massive in scale!

Astro also has great eye for color. The artist has a great talent for building up layers of paint that work well together to give his work a glowing feeling.