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Walter Robinson is a painter who creates works about Pop culture. Walter Robinson was born in Wilmingon, Delaware in the year 1950. Favorite subjects including food, fashion, and book covers.

The artist attended Columbia University located in New York City. He studied art history and pychology.

Robinson was among the first artist to try his hand at spin paintings, nearly ten years before Damien Hirst would try it.

Below we catch up with James Kalm to view a series of works by Robinson dealing with the figure:

The artist was editor in chief for Artnet magazine.

Robinson is associated with the Post Modernist movement.

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In this clip we catch up with the great James Kalm to view an exhibition of works by Walter Robinson:

The artist is based out of New York City.

Walter Robinson has a great knack for portraying the figure with artwork that seems to be a still from a commercial. His work is a great example of the modern world we live in today where society is worried about not looking their best and having bad image appear on a social networking site such as Facebook.